Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Adventures of Miz, Goldust, and Big Show: The Yard Episode

The Miz, Goldust, and Big Show are backstage at a show. And they see Dean Ambrose walk in. Big Show starts to pick a fight with Dean Ambrose. Dean walked into Big Show.

Big Show: Dean you should watch where you are going.

Miz added: Yeah Dean.

Goldust attacked Dean from behind as the Drifter just played on.

The Big Show choke slammed Dean Ambrose and Goldust gave Dean the shattered dreams. The Miz was just taunting him.

Dean was in pain and said I want all three. I want all three.

Dean went in the trainers room and Kurt Angle walked in.

Kurt Angle: Dean I heard you got beat up. How are you.

Dean; I don't care. I will take on all three of them.

Kurt Angle: Dean, I will not let you take on all three at the same time, but if you could find two tag team partners and I know they are available, you can have that match tonight.

Dean: I know who to ask.

The Drifter started to play.

Dean: Definitely not you, I mean you could even open for Volbeat, what makes you think you could sing in the WWE.

The Drifter just grunted.

Dean walks out limping holding his genital region after shattered dreams said. : Hey Seth I know we had our issues and I know that I beat you for the World Title, but is it possible we could team against The Golden Era.

Seth Rollins: Hey Dean no offense we are competing against guys like Samoa Joe or Finn Balor. We are not delegated to feud with the Miz. What's in it for me.

Dean: I handle your Samoa Joe problems, just handle my Drifter problems.

Seth: Ok Dean, but I think you are still out of your mind.

Dean: You know there is one more person that I have to ask

Seth: Roman Reigns.

Before they get there Dean is doing a 10 Minute Promo on himself.

Roman to himself posing: This is my Yard. No one will take My Yard this is My Yard. I live in my Yard. I wrestle in my Yard. I pee in MY Yard. This is my Yard.

Roman kept going.

Dean and Seth walk in.

Roman: This is my Yard.

Seth: Ok Roman calm down.

Roman: But this is my Yard.

Dean: Only Yard I know is a yard a dog pee's in. Do you pee in your yard are you The Dog from WCW.

Roman: This is my Yard. (Grunting)

Dean: Ok Roman somebody is trying to trash your yard and they are Goldust, Miz, and Big Show. I think leuding in some kind of way.


Seth: It's ok Roman you can team with us and save your Yard. For us. Bring back The Shield once more.

Roman: On one condition. You help me deal with Braun.

Seth: Isn't he injured.

Roman: I don't care. He is not welcome in my Yard.

Dean: Who is?

Roman Reigns: Pulls out a Rabbit. This guy right here. He is welcome in my Yard.

Dean: I think he is one fry short of a happy meal Seth.

Seth: Isn't that what they said about you.

They left to prepare for their match just like that The Shield was back together. And Miz would be up to his tricks next week now they were easy to pull.

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