Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Joe's Gonna Kill Seth

In TNA there was a saying, Joe's Gonna Kill You. Monday Night, it was Joe's Gonna Kill Seth Rollins. If it was someone to make an Impact the way he did making his way to the main roster it was Samoa Joe.

What do we know about Samoa Joe? In his TNA days he had epic feuds with Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, and AJ Styles. He was the guy that Kurt Angle went up against when he went in TNA. He was a member of The Main Event Mafia an elite group with Kevin Nash, Booker T, Sting, and Kurt Angle. He has been in the major plotlines especially against the Aces and Eights before they all bailed.

Then Samoa Joe came to NXT where he had epic rivalries with Finn Balor and Shinsake Nakamura. Samoa Joe has had a great career and the same argument could be said with him and AJ Styles. Why was he not on WWE when he should have been there.

Well to give you a history lesson TNA was red hot in a period of time and it fell apart after Jeff Jarrett and shortly after Hogan. I remember I watched TNA before I was happy to see it on TV and the stars that I cared about in a new promotion. So I paid every time it was on Pay Per View. I didn't care I wanted another option besides WWE at the time. To me TNA had the better product in that era. Until they got tied down and many people had issues with one another. TNA is around with their main star Broken Matt Hardy which came out of no where.

Samoa Joe then made his appearances known and WWE kept his appearance on the main roster a surprise. And he jumped Seth Rollins. If it's any way to make an impact have Samoa go over the biggest Baby Face in the company right now. And Samoa Joe has his fan following. You know where the Samoa Joe fans were as the AJ Styles.

Now we have an interesting dynamic in the WWE, the vets are people like AJ and Samoa, but they are new to the WWE and we are about to see what is going to take place in the WWE now that two of the biggest stars of TNA are there and also an added bonus, WWE have Kurt Angle in the company again.

For every mistake and complacency in the WWE, they make up for it. Many thought Samoa would fight John Cena, but they threw everyone off. They pulled off surprises before, but that was a surprise. It is like someone from another federation coming over.

Wrestling has no true surprises any more since the internet and NXT now, but when there is a surprise it is good. It only makes me think Seth is fighting Samoa Joe soon. And Kevin Owens somehow is dropping his belt to Samoa Joe. It is a more interesting match then Kevin Owens and Seth again. The Universal Title picture is becoming interesting.

Let's see if they make Samoa Joe a star or ruin him.

Video clip from WWE Raw last night all credits go to WWE.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Randy Orton Wins the Royal Rumble Match and More Questions are asked Afterwords and comments about Roman Reigns

We saw the debut of a red hot Tye Dillinger from NXT. We didn't not see the debut of a Samoa Joe getting called up to the main roster. and No real big surprises. They could have spared a Calisto for some more spots for up and coming talent. Still the favorites didn't win, the underdogs didn't win, and some surprises did happen in the Rumble.

For example, I didn't expect John Cena to win his 16th title and dethrone AJ Styles, this leaves his slot up in the air during WrestleMania and he is guaranteed another title match afterwards. This caught me by surprise because I thought the WWE would put faith into AJ who has held that show of Smackdown up and ratings were good because of him. I'm not sure if it was a trading wins or loss thing, but they didn't put faith with him to be their go home guy, just as they didn't put trust in CM Punk to be the go home guy at the Rumble before then.

I am sure they are planning something, but I don't know what they are planning.

And Kevins Owens won after Braun helped him.

Brock was eliminated by Goldberg.
Goldberg was eliminated by Undertaker
Roman eliminated the Undertaker

This has the makings for an interesting setting for matches leaving more matches to have more questions being made afterwards.

Still The Elimination Chamber is coming and the winner that I didn't expect to win actually won which was Randy Orton.

Now who do we see another Randy Orton and John Cena match we have seen that several thousand times before and if it is a new era someone from the new era should be champion going into WrestleMania. And I would like to see a Bray vs. Luke Harper vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title during WrestleMania. But this leaves the Question who does John Cena face.

I thought we would have clear answers, but the Rumble only throws you off more.

One match is certain

Seth vs. HHH.

As each week unfolds we will know. Does Undertaker get revenge on Roman Reigns taking him out of championship position, We can't see a Roman vs. Kevin Owens match again. They pushed Roman down our throats that he is better off being a heel as I said a long time ago amongst friends. I don't like him in the role he is in. I feel he could have an edge and would be a better heel champion than Kevin Owens. He is not The Rock and he can't be compared to him. He is a glorified big guy with an attitude and he needs to be in a role where people can shut him up. I am sick of this guy getting the push because of his family. I respect his family bloodline, but I don't respect that he is playing a role that he is not fit for.

Roman got the championship belt and Paul Orndorff a proven great in the ring based on his toughness never got the belt and also Rowdy Roddy Piper never got the belt. They were greats and deserved it. And Roman got it when he didn't pay his dues as these wrestlers have.

So if anyone wonders and says Roman never paid his dues, well he went to school and he got there, but a great wrestler will know how to be both a heel and face. This is what made Hulk Hogan good. I know this is a rant on Roman and I didn't want to go into it, but Roman being a face and this big deal based on his poor negative attitude upsets me. He lacks the charisma. I could picture Enzo more in the role that Roman is in or even a Sami Zayn.

Didn't mean to get on a rant about Roman, but something about him in the role he plays irritates me. He grew up in the business and I am sure he takes his blood seriously, but he has to be a bad guy. His Dad was a bad guy he should work of his attitude he grew up with elaborate and don't fake.

With The Rumble done, I wasn't impressed. It had a surprise ended, but it goes to show that they have a glass ceiling effect still into play. The have some one who is established have the championship belt in John Cena and then another established star who has been in it such as Randy Orton. I don't know if they are going backwards or back in time and are looking at the stars who have been there to be there again. But eventually Vince will have to let the new era take over. And you can't suppress it.

Believe it or not besides the Cruiserweights, Only a few Superstars made their debut on the Main Roster besides women. Raw has been lacking in their talent pull and very easily a Samoa Joe who is long overdue can be called up as their other stars including Shinsake Nakamura. But we will see.

I will add this. It is unfair for these Superstars to come and just wrestle when they haven't been their for awhile just to be in a WrestleMania. Undertaker I could see because he is an attraction kind of like how Andre the Giant was. HHH always has his match and the other stars. And I know their will be the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The ending might have not been what is expected and the people who won, you say wtf, but if it's any indicator the WWE will turn blunders and make it into gold going into WrestleMania. We even saw The Miz vs. John Cena remember that. So anything is possible.

Clips is YouTube video footage from WWE of The Royal Rumble 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Run Down with the My Surprise Picks and My Picks to Win for the Royal Rumble Match

With the Royal Rumble coming up in San Antonio it means WrestleMania Season is upon us. The Royal Rumble has been my favorite match all year and it has that feel to it and with it being the 30th year they are pulling no stops.

Here is what we know.

The Undertaker
Brock Lesner
Big Show
Randy Orton
Dean Ambrose
Chris Jericho
Bray Wyatt
Big Cass and Enzo
All of New Day
Luke Harper
Mojo Rawley
The Miz
Sheamus and Cesaro
Anderson and Gallows
Dolph Ziglar
The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin
Braun Strowman
and Sami Zayn

Which leaves room for about 4 more superstars who will enter the Royal Rumble, which means possible surprises NXT call ups former legends you name it there is always a surprise with the Rumble

First let me get to My 3 picks from NXT that I say will be in the Royal Rumble.

1. Samoa Joe: I feel Samoa Joe is ready and has been ready and now his run from NXT is coming to an end and someone like him is ready for a run he should have had many years ago.  He is a  Big Guy and added to this Royal Rumble he would be a good name to make an impact as he would this time.

2. Shinsake Nakamura or Booby Roode: I feel one of these wrestlers would get the call up atleast to make an appearance to be on the main Roster for WrestleMania. Both athletes are proven to be on the main roster and they would be ready to make an impact the coming year.

3. Finn Balor: If he is back and healthy. He would be ready to make an impact and would do what is necessary to make that impact in what would be his first Royal Rumble match.

4. Kane: Kane has a proven track record with the number of eliminations and he can only add to his record this Rumble.

5.  Kenny Omega: Who unseated AJ Styles as leader of the Bullet Club. And he said he is ready to win if they pick him to be in it.

With last minute changes and surprises a lot could happen and could impact the Rumble. The Prize at stake is going to be The Universal Championship or The WWE Championship should they decide where to go. It will be interesting and the surprises should there be many will be unexpected.

My choices to with the Favorite and the Sleeper pick

My choice or favorite to win the Royal Rumble is The Undertaker I feel if they are setting up the winner of a John Cena or AJ Styles match it will happen just the mere possibilities going into WrestleMania.

My Sleeper Pick is Sami Zayn: Sami Zayn is the Underdog and he would benefit a lot from fighting at the Main Event of WrestleMania. He is ready for a Hot Streak and rather it is Owens should he win Sunday or AJ Styles or John Cena it will be a Good Match. Sami Zayn takes the place of someone like a Daniel Bryan who was that underdog and they need and Underdog right now.

There are many possibilities going into WrestleMania these are just a few. Next week after Raw and Smackdown I will talk about the possibilities of Matches going into WrestleMania and try to have a possible Drafted card going into the biggest spectacular of them all.