Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Roman Reigns Promo on Raw Last Night

I just have to comment on this blog about Roman Reigns Promo last night on Raw and add what made wrestling great in the hay day at the end of WCW and why it is better then now and why anyone of the young talent could cut a better promo then Roman.

First off, for those who are giving Roman his shot, he might be able to wrestle, but he is not a good talker and shouldn't be put in those situations. Sheamus made him look like a fool out there and he was carrying Roman. Roman could not carry a promo and botched up every chance he had. Even when Big Poppa Pump or Sid Vicious were carrying their promos it was their gimmick to botch and they did very well.

Roman tried and couldn't defend himself good and was unsure of his role. When WWE is struggling, he needs be out of that position that he is in, because he was dominated promo wise by Sheamus. And the said thing is I could cut a better promo then him and I am not a professional wrestler.

He comes from the famous bloodline, but he would be better as a heel or a right hand man to the heel. He is not a failure, but he should be put in the role that suits him well and this role right now makes him look like an idiot. He doesn't have Dean Ambrose to cover him with promos and Dean should be in the position that Roman is in.

But WWE doesn't have good storyteller and they don't know who plays good in what role and they don't make any heel turns anymore. This is what keep wrestling good in it's hey day. There was a turn all the time in the Monday Night War period. There were swerves and the product was not stagnant. Bottomline is if you want to make money and have the feuds be meaningful you need to have swerves. There were swerves in the WCW, but it got stagnant. This is what the product is right now and you could only put many bandaids on the product such as bringing in star talent. Eventually they are going to have to create stars or see stars that they have and give them a run despite personal problems.

And with Roman in that main event role it's not good. A Baby Face needs to know how to act like a baby face. Roman clearly is not playing that role well. It's true Daniel Bryan filling that role before, but he knew how to play that role and everyone acted in unison. But now people don't act in unison and their is even hate towards Roman Reigns and he is not a convincing baby face and I cringe every time he gets on the mic. When Bret Hart got on the mic he knew how to cut a promo and this guy doesn't.

I know it seems I'm rambling on about this, but people knew how to be faces before, they need to look at old promos from WWF, and the NWA for promos. They knew how to cut them and fans went crazy over them. Now there is disconnect. Fans grew up with the Attitude Era so wrestlers who fit that mold like Bray and Dean work even Bubba Dudley. Bryan even worked. And the legends who cut the promos didn't have a split crowd, they had the crowd rooting or cheering for the them in unison.And a baby face does not have heat like Roman.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Website Change for The Temple of Wrestling

I haven't posted on this wrestling website for awhile. I apologize, I have been busy with other writing projects. However, wrestling is still a thing that I enjoy to watch and I have been in discussion with my friends who are avid wrestling fans to write this blog with me. It will be in a different form than what most blogs would be, but the format will be me giving a brief summary of the topic and then a transcript of the group text message conversation between me and my friends.

My friend whose name will be mentioned at a certain time found that this technique has been used by Grantland and it is if that all can't be in the same place at one time, but wish to cover a lot of ground.

I am excited for this. I get to have the conversations that I enjoy with my friends and I get to post it with something that I enjoy. We have a lot of topics to cover and I know that our take can add to the perspective of what wrestling is all about. We will discuss some of the 70's straight to today. We have been watching wrestling since we were little kids and our take on wrestling is not the regular take. We remember when there were a lot of managers in wrestling, we remember the end days of the territories where it seemed like wrestling was on every channel. It was before corporations ran wrestling and dictated what was politically correct. Even though the views were racy, it should be added that this was going on in society at the time and I know they were right at times. However, the brilliance of wrestling is that they could get the fans to hate the heel, but at the end of the day they would root for the good guy or anti establishment person.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what will be discussed in this blog.

The Temple of Wrestling is a statement. It's not that we worship wrestling as a religion, but it is bringing ancient philosophy and commentary to an art form such as wrestling. I personally want to thank my friends who are volunteering for this just for the sake they enjoy wrestling and want their views posted.

This is The Temple of Wrestling Blog.

Monday, February 9, 2015

On Article in Market Watch About who will take over after Vince McMahon

This is my comment on article by Kevin Riley entitled Analyst on WWE: The Company 'May Have To Look Outside For A CEO'

First off in article he is saying that HHH and Stephanie McMahon aren't being introduced to investors as them taking over the business.

I just want to say this HHH and Stephanie McMahon know what they are doing and they have been trained for their jobs. I first want to give a back story of Vince McMahon and his company before I address this statement. I watched the Austin Podcast and saw the McMahon history unfold before my eyes. Around the time I was born Vince wanted to get into his Dad's company. His Dad didn't want him in the company, but he got chosen to go in. Vince was unprepared for what his life would be like and he was a visionary. He took the WWE to height unheard of and sure I routed for WCW, but Vince came out on top. He managed a company that went global and sure he made lots of mistakes that nearly cost him his business, but he bounced back.

Vince as what Jesse Ventura called Vince Jr. The PT Barnum of this time on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. He not only revolutionized wrestling, he revolutionized the world. Politicians, Sports Athletes, and every sporting event come out to their own theme music. UFC took a lot of tricks from Vince. And your not telling me Vince hadn't thought about who is going to take over his company.

HHH also said on the Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast that Vince gave him the developmental, NXT, he understands the business and he understands how to get people over and he understands the behind the scenes with the show. He worked the gimmick of Daniel Bryan. HHH has been in the business for 20 years + and has learned a lot as Stephanie has. Vince was doing most of it alone. His wife was there, but didn't take as much interest in the product as Vince. However, you have a couple working together in unison on one product. If you remember where Vince was where he started and what he did for wrestling and remember, he and his wife bought the company, and now to a global company he has done a lot.

However, I want to give you evidence of someone who went into the wrestling business and failed because they knew nothing about how to run a wrestling promotion. It is the story of WCW. Ted Turner bought WCW and put a President in charge. Some of them knew nothing about wrestling and put a booker in charge who eventually had everyone booking the show. Only one who made a profit was Eric Bischoff, but they would not let him do what he needed to do to catch up to WWE, because of Time Warner.

See as Eric Bischoff put in his book Controversy Creates Cash, Time Warner wasn't out to eliminate wrestling, they want the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Braves, and most of the sports off TV.

And now 15 years later all that is on TBS is comedies which are in reruns, two new shows, movies, which the same movies air all the time and etc.

I don't even know what the hell is on TNT. The first time I watched it was when Dallas came back on TV.

Ted Turner was a CEO who was outside the business and you see what happened. And I know Vince wouldn't put Eric Bischoff or Hogan to run his business.

So you see. Maybe, the best candidates would be HHH and Stephanie. You need someone to eat, sleep and breathe the business. Other promoters wouldn't understand the business and you need someone young and in shape for that business.

HHH might not be ideal for that position some would say, but he has NXT as his accomplishment. He has talent just sitting waiting for the call. WCW had the power plant, but WWE has a minor league system.

And I think, creating a Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Rusev, Luke Harper, and other talent such as Big E Langston Just to name a few who made it.

Let's face it talent doesn't last that long in the WWE and they might go elsewhere such as TNA, but lets face it the only promotion in town is the WWE. As Vince says they are Sports Entertainment. They are competing with everyone. They needed a streaming network in order to compete with the online market.

Kevin Riley says that someone should take over WWE and be the CEO after Vince, but Vince ain't dead yet. He loves this business and will do what it takes for it to succeed after he leaves this world. And I believe he has trained HHH and Stephanie well should they take over the business. Only Time will tell.