Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Website Change for The Temple of Wrestling

I haven't posted on this wrestling website for awhile. I apologize, I have been busy with other writing projects. However, wrestling is still a thing that I enjoy to watch and I have been in discussion with my friends who are avid wrestling fans to write this blog with me. It will be in a different form than what most blogs would be, but the format will be me giving a brief summary of the topic and then a transcript of the group text message conversation between me and my friends.

My friend whose name will be mentioned at a certain time found that this technique has been used by Grantland and it is if that all can't be in the same place at one time, but wish to cover a lot of ground.

I am excited for this. I get to have the conversations that I enjoy with my friends and I get to post it with something that I enjoy. We have a lot of topics to cover and I know that our take can add to the perspective of what wrestling is all about. We will discuss some of the 70's straight to today. We have been watching wrestling since we were little kids and our take on wrestling is not the regular take. We remember when there were a lot of managers in wrestling, we remember the end days of the territories where it seemed like wrestling was on every channel. It was before corporations ran wrestling and dictated what was politically correct. Even though the views were racy, it should be added that this was going on in society at the time and I know they were right at times. However, the brilliance of wrestling is that they could get the fans to hate the heel, but at the end of the day they would root for the good guy or anti establishment person.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what will be discussed in this blog.

The Temple of Wrestling is a statement. It's not that we worship wrestling as a religion, but it is bringing ancient philosophy and commentary to an art form such as wrestling. I personally want to thank my friends who are volunteering for this just for the sake they enjoy wrestling and want their views posted.

This is The Temple of Wrestling Blog.

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