Sunday, January 26, 2014

WWE Sucks

I am writing this blog out of anger and me being pissed off at what the WWE is doing with it's programing. First I want to discuss what happened with the Royal Rumble that made me angry. And for one they keep the status quo without changing anything around. They push the same crappy guys that they have for 10 years. John Cena is stale and is at the point Hogan was at when he formed the nWo. How much more could he do as a good guy. He has no more left to prove. Randy Orton the champ is the worst champ since David Arquette in WCW. He doesn't belong in that spot and that main event was horrific to get through. If it wasn't for The Wyatts ending that match It could have continued the train reck that happened on air. Seeing those two wrestle reminded me of watching an Alberto Del Rio match as champion last year and that was bad. Also, Brock he now wants to be in the title picture, bring guys who have done it all for what. He's the beast, but how much further could you go with that gimmick.

Let me get to the Animal Batista now, the Damn Royal Rumble Victor. He comes back one time wins the rumble when you have guys in the locker room who are more deserving. What about Daniel Bryan who didn't even get entered in the Royal Rumble, who the WWE company is burying. Why would they bury what could be the next superstar icon in the WWE. And even if he didn't win there was Roman Reigns where it could have elevated him to the next level in what he needs in his career right now.

But no they gave it to the Animal Batista who came back one time in how many years. This is why I say WWE sucks and they have been putting on crappy pay per views for since Summer Slam. It's just not right what they are doing. Who wants to see a part time wrestler headline Wrestlemania. Only part time wrestler I want to see headline is Undertaker.

WWE you better take a look at what your doing and what you have and if you keep on going this way you will sink faster then the Titanic. The crowd were selling out before and now you have 90 % the crowd. Give the ball to Daniel Bryan and let him run with it. You need that now. Listen to your fans. It's what made Hulk Hogan big. But you don't push him because you don't believe he could run with the ball. This is the new era. They don't want to see Superman any more they want to see the average Joe on top.

You really need to listen to your demographic and you can't drown out the crowd with music and announcing. For God Sake you wasted a spot on JBL. That could have been Daniel Bryan's spot. You better think about what you are doing. That is why WWE Sucks.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wrestler of the Week: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan Part 2

The Wrestler of the Week is the same as this week, Hollywood Hulk Hogan. With time constraints it is difficult to fit everything this man has done so here we go.

Last time I left off I spoke about his rivalry with Sgt. Slaughter and his lost to Yokozuna. After he left he did a series called Thunder in Paradise.At this time he was heavily recruited by Ted Turner and his WCW. In 1994 they made a big deal of him coming there and set up Bash at the Beach 1994 with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. This was the rivalry that eventually sparked the beginning of WCW Monday Nitro who was run by Eric Bischoff.

He feud with Jimmy Hart's first family and the young Giant now the Big Show. And then Hulk Hogan grew darker and left for a little bit. His change and transformation was soon to come.

At Bash at the Beach 1996 Hollywood would be born as he turned on the Macho Man and WCW to form the nWo. His main rivalry was with Sting, but he also had a rivalry between Lex Luger, DDP, The Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Goldberg to name a few. And then he had his epic match with Sting at Starrcade 1997, where he lost, but he would win it back.

As his run with Hollywood came to an end, he had a match that switched him as face and Ric Flair as heel and Hollywood left only to come back ready to be Hulk again and in a match on WCW Monday Nitro. Hulk Hogan dawned the red and yellow once again.

He mainly feuded with Ric Flair until Russo came and didn't do much afterwards and then WCW died. This left Hogan to go back to WWE for a few short runs which I will discuss in the next Wrestler of the Week Part 3 on Hulk Hogan with his return in WWE and his TNA arrival.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wrestler of the Week: "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan Part I


Last week I did Ric Flair and what kind of wrestling fan would I be not to put Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan defined professional wrestling for his era. He has done so much for wrestling to put it mainstream. Hulk had the charisma and he knew how to work the crowd simply by being the Hulk. He was the best of wrestlers, but with the moves he had and the ring psychology he was a master.

In the 1970's, Hulk went to school and was going to become a musician. This never came to be. He had a greater calling ahead of him. That was when he was trained by Hiro Matsuda and became a wrestler. Hiro was serious about wrestling and as Hulk would know if he was not serious, his body part would be broken as Hulk would soon find out. Hulk came back.

He wrestled shows with Andre the Giant as a heel in the WWE, I think it was the WWWF at that time. Then he was fired for staring in Rocky III with Sylvester Stallone. His career then went to stardom. He then went to the AWA to feud with Nick Bockwinkel. Hulk's stardom was rising and he left back to the WWE because he wasn't getting his fair due and to become champion. Vince hired him back a few years later after Vince Sr. hired him. Hulk Hogan was Vince's man and he ran with the ball for 10 years.

Bob Backlund reintroduced Hulk Hogan's after a match with the Wild Samoans and Hulk then challenged the Iron Sheik where he won the WWE championship belt. He later on went to feud with Rowdy Roddy Piper which had the War to Settle the Score. It introduced Rock and Wrestling where it was new and innovative for the time. It set up the first Wrestlemania main event with Hulk Hogan and Mr. T vs. Rowdy Piper and Paul Orndorff.

His next big feud was with Paul Orndorff which very well could have main evented Wrestlemania III, but they had something bigger and that was Hulk Hogan's feud with Andre the Giant. His match with Andre the Giant was Hulk's peak for his run as champion.

He then developed a feud with Macho Man Randy Savage at Wrestlemania V. There was a personal story with there feud. And you can't blame Macho Man Randy Savage for his jealousy then especially after how Hulk acted on air. I thought Macho was the face. But a good feud for Hogan with wrestling.

He put over the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI. Where Hulk Hogan lost clean. When someone beat the Hulk, Hogan made that victory count.

He then ran with the ball again as Hulk was the go to guy against Sgt. Slaughter.

He ended his big run in WWE when he lost against the Yokozuna.

Hulk was exhausted and went away from wrestling for a little bit and when he came back he would soon innovate the wrestling world once again in what would be called the Monday Night Wars.

Next week I will continue the Wrestler of the Week with Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wrestler of the Week: Ric Flair

This segment on the blog is Wrestler of the Week. This could be a past, present or upcoming wrestler that is trying to make it in the business. The Masked Man David Shoemaker started in his blog in the beginning charting the dead wrestler of the week. This is just the Wrestler of the week. There have been many wrestlers and although it is difficult to chronicle all of them I will try to do one a week. For this week I will do a Short Bio of Ric Flair for the Wrestler of the Week.

Ric Flair who turns 65 years old this year is still willing to fight and style and profile as the Nature Boy could. This week he gave a motivational speech for the 49ers and they won. Who better to deliver a speech then him. This is a testament of his career and a career that witnessed so much.

First, let me start off the story with a plane wreck that paralyzed a wrestler, killed the pilot and gave Ric Flair a serious back injury in where he was told he would never wrestle again. 30 years later and he wrestled.

He had an epic battle with Harley Race in 1983 and it was called The Flair for the Gold. He came back from injury and worked his way for the main event at the first Starcade and won the championship belt.

Then, he had a classic feud with Dusty Rhodes where Dusty claimed he had hard times on him and his family.

He had which could have been the best heel group in wrestling called the 4 Horseman which caused havoc on the NWA and then the WCW. Even though the later versions were watered down.

In 1991, he claimed that he was the real world champion and challenged Hulk Hogan. He eventually won the Royal Rumble to become the WWE champion.

He came back to the WCW, where he became champ again and helped launch Hulk Hogan's career at WCW at Bash at the Beach 1994

His legacy then continued as he came to the WWE as scripted as co-owner of the company. But his greatest matches and accomplishments happened in a group known as Evolution. He was giving back to the business and trying to teach Randy Orton and Batista about wrestling and he even gave back to all the young wrestlers he wrestled.

He even had epic battles with HHH, Randy Orton, and Edge. He became tag team champion and Intercontinental Champion. Out of how well he wrestled and stayed young despite his age.
He retired from the WWE with a match against Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemania.

He then went to TNA where he managed a heel group called Fortune.

Now he is enjoying he retirement only as Flair could, "A limosine riding, jet flying, wheeling dealing, son of a gun." He has proven a lot in his career and worthy enough to be The First Wrestler of the Week.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Review of Part 2 of WWE Legends of Mid-South Wrestling

To quote Rowdy Roddy Piper in Wrestling terms, Mid-South Wrestling was ECW before ECW was ECW. It had a hard wrestling style and Cowboy Bill Watts believed in no mats. It was a tough place to work, but all the legends worked there.

First, this DVD featured the feud between Hacksaw Butch Reed and the Junk Yard Dog. As was said in the DVD Butch was more of a wrestler and didn't have much charisma and the JYD had the charisma. The DVD featured a Ghetto Street Fight. Butch was jealous that he didn't have was the JYD had. Who could argue with him on that one.

Second, it featured some of the classic feud between the Midnight Express managed by Jim Cornette and the Rock N Roll Express. This was the greatest tag team feud at the time. There was feuds in WWF but they can't match the classic rivalry of this feud that these two teams had and this DVD featured some matches from this feud.

Then, Shawn Micheals discusses how Ted Dibiase elevated his career. Shawn was saying that he is a class act and helped put him over even if he was a jobber at that time. Shawn many years later elevated himself to one of the greatest wrestlers of this time.

Finally, on Part 2 of this DVD, Terry Talyor discusses his big match with Ric Flair at the Silverdome in Lousiana. Terry was mentioning that Ric was hung over drunk when he got there. He then told him to get him a cup of coffee and wake him up in an hour. He came to the ring and looked immaculate and took him to a 45 minute match and Ric Flair won. Terry Taylor was winded and Ric could have gone all not long. It's what made Ric one of the greats.

This was a good part of the DVD. I enjoyed the rivalries and the back story behind the events. This would have been a good promotion to watch and I wish I had watched more of it at the time, but by the time I started to watch it channel 68 on TV in my town in NJ became the Home Shopping Network. More reason why I'm exciting to see the WWE Network. As for Mid South Wrestling it was a great promotion at the time, but they couldn't compete with The WWF now WWE and the NWA or WCW. A lot changed in how wrestling was run, but we could respect what they had accomplished for wrestling.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Commentary on Ground Breaking Announcement for WWE Network

The WWE has came to a time where they finally announced the WWE Network. They have answered a lot of questions that have been asked for along time. They answered how much it will cost. They answered on what platforms it will be on. They answered what they will content will be on the WWE Network as speculated. And they mentioned how it will work. In case you missed the coverage that has been buzzing or you are curious in reading my review here is what they discussed at their announcement in Las Vegas, Nevada.

First, they mentioned that it will be a Online Streaming site a 24/7 service. You could go back to the programing any time if you missed it and it reminds you of future programing.

As for programming, It will feature new shows, NXT, WWE Superstars, a replay of Raw and Smackdown, Old contents from former wrestling shows from other promotions, Old pay per views from WWE, WCW, and ECW. Also, the finale, it will feature all 12 Pay Per Views including Wrestlemania. And I'm sure I might be missing other material they have.

They are taking a gamble and are revolutionizing the way they do things. They didn't say they are getting rid of the pay per views on TV, but they did mention the price and for all they offer they are giving it away for $9.99 a month. And for all of what they offer it is worth it and a steal.

The launch date for the WWE Network is February 24, 2014 at 11:05 PM on Monday after Raw.

This seems like a revolutionary concept and it will be the new wave of the future.

1984 was a year that changed how wrestling was done. Vince McMahon started to utilize Cable TV and marketing with his main man Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania. It revolutionized how sports entertainment started to operate. It took wrestling out of the dark ages.

Since then, 30 years later about almost 30 years to the day when Hulk Hogan beat the Iron Shiek for the WWE title, on January 8, 2014, they announced the launch of the WWE Network.

It is the first network of it's kind mainstream wise to be online. There hasn't been a network to do this and it's a gamble, but a gamble that might pay off. They could change the way of entertainment is done for the internet.

WWE has come along way from where it started and now it could start a new trend in entertainment. Vince has had ideas and with this network he utilizes all the effort of wrestlers from the past who have worked to that moment. Vince might have clawed his way to victory, but he has succeed in his journey. The WWE Universe has him to thank for all that he has accomplished.

Thank you, Vince.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jake the Snake Roberts return on Old School Raw

I was happy to see Jake the Snake Roberts back to WWE Raw and if he makes his comeback, he could be the inspirational wrestler of the year. He has comeback through hell and he wanted to make a change. He wanted to live a better life than he has. And sure he has squandered his money and has faced addiction, but with support from friends and DDP he has a second lease on life and his determination as he entered the ring today was none other than what makes moments in wrestling mean something.

I have followed Jake the Snake Roberts progress online and I know he might fall sometimes, but it's all apart of being human and his dream of maybe entering the Rumble and winning might come true. Jake is a legend in the business. He has trained many of the greats and he still has a lot to prove. For Jake to put over The Shield it is out of respect for what they have done for the business and for Jake to comeback it is what story making is all about.

Jake has been through a lot and it is good that fans still care. It is the Legends who take their place in history to be great and when a legend comes back out of retirement it is something special. And Jake made it special tonight on Old School Raw.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brief Review of Legends of Mid South Wrestling DVD Part 1

Out of many things I will do on this blog, one of them will be Wrestling DVD reviews. For this week or next week whenever I will finish the DVD set the first one will be WWE Legends of Mid South Wrestling.  I will featured a brief review on the first part today and then later the other parts.

First, I learned of the promotion that produced the who's who of professional wrestling. When somebody who is a wrestling fan thinks of old promotions they think of the then WWF, NWA, AWA, World Class Championship Wrestling, and in the later years ECW. They don't think of Mid South Wrestling. Mid South Wrestling was located near Lousiana and it's impact was great. Greater then I first realized. It housed stars such as Andre the Giant, Ted Dibiase Sr. Better known as the Million Dollar Man, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the Junk Yard Dog, The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette, Magnum TA, and with ring announcer Jim Ross.

The first major segment of the DVD featured the Junk Yard Dog. The JYD was a charismatic character who might have been more popular than Ric Flair in his area. The JYD in this promotion was over. In the DVD it was said that were chanting his name from start to the finish of the card. They had loved to see him. I only saw him when he was in the WWF now WWE and he was over then. It was a thrill to see old footage of him.

The Ted Dibiase segment was before JYD, but I will discuss briefly about him now with the Rat Pack featuring Ted Dibiase, Jim Duggan, and Matt Borne, who is better known for his role as Doink the Clown in WWE. I could misquote Jim Duggan on the DVD, but he said Ted Dibiase was the smarts, he was the brawn and Matt Borne was the jerk of the group. Borne and Duggan didn't get along and this created a split between Duggan and Dibiase. They even had a tuxedo coal miners glove match in a steel cage. You don't see those gimmick matches that much any more.

They had a Tony Atlas segment where he benched 550 pounds.

And they featured segments with Magnum TA and Mr. Wrestling II. Mr. Wrestling II was Magnum TA's manager and one day Mr. Wrestling II had turned on Magnum TA. This made him a star because it got him over with the fans. Magnum TA had that special look of a wrestling in that time that he could have been one of the great had it not been for his motorcycle accident. He got his start though at Mid South Wrestling.

All this is new stuff for me to watch. I don't remember that much of Mid South Wrestling. I was only a kid then. I only saw some of the UWF at the tale end which was MSW. It was a thrill to see old time wrestling in new light. I've been absorbed with a lot of WWF material that it is good to appreciate the old stuff. On that note this is The Wolf Review and this is Wolfman Joe.

Introduction to The Wolfman Joe's Woods

Hello everybody I'm Wolfman Joe and this is The Wolfman Joe's Woods. You may be wondering about the name. And I will explain a story in due time. But I will discuss about the format of my blog. I will discuss about wrestling entertainment. Just like Pipers Pit this will go over the controversy of wrestling. It will remind you of an era past as I could remember it and it will remind you of the frustrations of a new. From Ric Flair to Daniel Bryan and from the nWo to The Shield. And as DDP said "They love me, they hate me and they'll never forget me." This site will be remembered. 

Why a wrestling site? Are there many of them? As Daniel Bryan would say Yes Yes Yes. But I am adding my take. And I'll look back at Storylines of old and new the good, bad and ugly. Enough of my endless rant on wrestling I think my blog will speak for itself. 

I'd like to do a wrestler of the week and go over Storylines I will cover important segments on Raw and some Payperview stuff. It should be interesting. This is The Wolfman Joe's Woods.