Monday, January 6, 2014

Jake the Snake Roberts return on Old School Raw

I was happy to see Jake the Snake Roberts back to WWE Raw and if he makes his comeback, he could be the inspirational wrestler of the year. He has comeback through hell and he wanted to make a change. He wanted to live a better life than he has. And sure he has squandered his money and has faced addiction, but with support from friends and DDP he has a second lease on life and his determination as he entered the ring today was none other than what makes moments in wrestling mean something.

I have followed Jake the Snake Roberts progress online and I know he might fall sometimes, but it's all apart of being human and his dream of maybe entering the Rumble and winning might come true. Jake is a legend in the business. He has trained many of the greats and he still has a lot to prove. For Jake to put over The Shield it is out of respect for what they have done for the business and for Jake to comeback it is what story making is all about.

Jake has been through a lot and it is good that fans still care. It is the Legends who take their place in history to be great and when a legend comes back out of retirement it is something special. And Jake made it special tonight on Old School Raw.

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