Sunday, January 5, 2014

Introduction to The Wolfman Joe's Woods

Hello everybody I'm Wolfman Joe and this is The Wolfman Joe's Woods. You may be wondering about the name. And I will explain a story in due time. But I will discuss about the format of my blog. I will discuss about wrestling entertainment. Just like Pipers Pit this will go over the controversy of wrestling. It will remind you of an era past as I could remember it and it will remind you of the frustrations of a new. From Ric Flair to Daniel Bryan and from the nWo to The Shield. And as DDP said "They love me, they hate me and they'll never forget me." This site will be remembered. 

Why a wrestling site? Are there many of them? As Daniel Bryan would say Yes Yes Yes. But I am adding my take. And I'll look back at Storylines of old and new the good, bad and ugly. Enough of my endless rant on wrestling I think my blog will speak for itself. 

I'd like to do a wrestler of the week and go over Storylines I will cover important segments on Raw and some Payperview stuff. It should be interesting. This is The Wolfman Joe's Woods.

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