Sunday, January 26, 2014

WWE Sucks

I am writing this blog out of anger and me being pissed off at what the WWE is doing with it's programing. First I want to discuss what happened with the Royal Rumble that made me angry. And for one they keep the status quo without changing anything around. They push the same crappy guys that they have for 10 years. John Cena is stale and is at the point Hogan was at when he formed the nWo. How much more could he do as a good guy. He has no more left to prove. Randy Orton the champ is the worst champ since David Arquette in WCW. He doesn't belong in that spot and that main event was horrific to get through. If it wasn't for The Wyatts ending that match It could have continued the train reck that happened on air. Seeing those two wrestle reminded me of watching an Alberto Del Rio match as champion last year and that was bad. Also, Brock he now wants to be in the title picture, bring guys who have done it all for what. He's the beast, but how much further could you go with that gimmick.

Let me get to the Animal Batista now, the Damn Royal Rumble Victor. He comes back one time wins the rumble when you have guys in the locker room who are more deserving. What about Daniel Bryan who didn't even get entered in the Royal Rumble, who the WWE company is burying. Why would they bury what could be the next superstar icon in the WWE. And even if he didn't win there was Roman Reigns where it could have elevated him to the next level in what he needs in his career right now.

But no they gave it to the Animal Batista who came back one time in how many years. This is why I say WWE sucks and they have been putting on crappy pay per views for since Summer Slam. It's just not right what they are doing. Who wants to see a part time wrestler headline Wrestlemania. Only part time wrestler I want to see headline is Undertaker.

WWE you better take a look at what your doing and what you have and if you keep on going this way you will sink faster then the Titanic. The crowd were selling out before and now you have 90 % the crowd. Give the ball to Daniel Bryan and let him run with it. You need that now. Listen to your fans. It's what made Hulk Hogan big. But you don't push him because you don't believe he could run with the ball. This is the new era. They don't want to see Superman any more they want to see the average Joe on top.

You really need to listen to your demographic and you can't drown out the crowd with music and announcing. For God Sake you wasted a spot on JBL. That could have been Daniel Bryan's spot. You better think about what you are doing. That is why WWE Sucks.


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  1. I like how HHH addressed the internet fans including me. At least he is adknowledging the fans and he is generating heat at the same time. I didn't like them not putting Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble but they could make up with it with his revenge on HHH and possibly winning the title at the end of the night. Thumbs up to WWE