Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wrestler of the Week: Ric Flair

This segment on the blog is Wrestler of the Week. This could be a past, present or upcoming wrestler that is trying to make it in the business. The Masked Man David Shoemaker started in his blog in the beginning charting the dead wrestler of the week. This is just the Wrestler of the week. There have been many wrestlers and although it is difficult to chronicle all of them I will try to do one a week. For this week I will do a Short Bio of Ric Flair for the Wrestler of the Week.

Ric Flair who turns 65 years old this year is still willing to fight and style and profile as the Nature Boy could. This week he gave a motivational speech for the 49ers and they won. Who better to deliver a speech then him. This is a testament of his career and a career that witnessed so much.

First, let me start off the story with a plane wreck that paralyzed a wrestler, killed the pilot and gave Ric Flair a serious back injury in where he was told he would never wrestle again. 30 years later and he wrestled.

He had an epic battle with Harley Race in 1983 and it was called The Flair for the Gold. He came back from injury and worked his way for the main event at the first Starcade and won the championship belt.

Then, he had a classic feud with Dusty Rhodes where Dusty claimed he had hard times on him and his family.

He had which could have been the best heel group in wrestling called the 4 Horseman which caused havoc on the NWA and then the WCW. Even though the later versions were watered down.

In 1991, he claimed that he was the real world champion and challenged Hulk Hogan. He eventually won the Royal Rumble to become the WWE champion.

He came back to the WCW, where he became champ again and helped launch Hulk Hogan's career at WCW at Bash at the Beach 1994

His legacy then continued as he came to the WWE as scripted as co-owner of the company. But his greatest matches and accomplishments happened in a group known as Evolution. He was giving back to the business and trying to teach Randy Orton and Batista about wrestling and he even gave back to all the young wrestlers he wrestled.

He even had epic battles with HHH, Randy Orton, and Edge. He became tag team champion and Intercontinental Champion. Out of how well he wrestled and stayed young despite his age.
He retired from the WWE with a match against Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemania.

He then went to TNA where he managed a heel group called Fortune.

Now he is enjoying he retirement only as Flair could, "A limosine riding, jet flying, wheeling dealing, son of a gun." He has proven a lot in his career and worthy enough to be The First Wrestler of the Week.

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