Thursday, February 2, 2017

Five Reasons Why I Don't Like Roman Reigns

I could be writing a blog about how bad and why President Trump is not liked, but lets face it this is a wrestling blog. Anyway besides there are millions of people such as angry women and Muslims alike that are not happy with him at this time, well based on the media on TV. Anyway Besides have you seen what an angry woman looks like a cross between the body of Charlotte Flair, with a pissy look on Roman Reigns face.

This is why I am writing a blog about 10 reasons why I don't like Roman Reigns. I am sure he is a good outstanding family guy, but common he just acts like an asshole on TV and I could find many reasons not to like him.

Here they are:

1. WWE's poor booking of Roman Reigns:

He was the Main Event in WrestleMania when his gimmick as a face was not over. There was no build up to Roman Reigns and Brock Lesner. Clearly that was Dean Ambrose's Year to be in the Main Event, but they dropped the ball. And it was saved by Seth Rollins because they wanted none of them with the belt.

Then the horrible plotline which gave Roman the belt after he beat Sheamus on Raw. The League of Nations were mid carders in a Main Event picture. When they were doing nothing with The Wyatt Family and Bray was ready then. Sheamus only redeemed himself when he was teamed with Cesaro. It leaves me with one of my reasons I don't like him and that is Vince McMahon's Envy over Roman Reigns. He needed the help from a Vince, the League of Nations and everyone to jump him in order to get him over.

Then they book him as a Face against Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Enough said.

Then the Rumble. People cheered against Roman after he eliminated Undertaker in asshole fashion and in blatant asshole fashion he cost Braun Strowman his title. Yes Braun devastated Roman afterwards, but both killed each other during the match. Strowman desamated Owens.

2. They book Roman Reigns as a Face.

This has been my biggest complaint. Romans natural attitude is of an asshole and as a face he has made asshole moves and he comes across as an asshole on TV. I emphasis asshole because he doesn't respect anyone and I believe he is troubled. I believe he doesn't respect tradition even though he was brought up in it. That is what he did when he was in The Shield. Destroying Tradition. That is why I can relate him to Randy Orton, but Randy Orton when they let him be the Vipor and act himself he can go. As for Roman he has an edge to him. He can destroy everyone if they let him go. He can have an attitude and he can even team up with Samoa Joe and they can dominate. I can picture Roman as champion, but only as a dominate heel champion. Let him be himself and dominate. He can be apart of the new authority. Have a plotline where Seth has to go through everyone and have Roman turn on Seth when he gets better. Seth can make a good baby face and is doing a good job and his injury makes him only stronger and Finn is coming back soon.

3. Vince's P..... Envy over Roman Reigns:

I get it. Roman is big muscular and everything a man is supposed to be to be in the main plotlines according to Vince McMahon. I get it. But this is ridiculous. He would let plotlines suffer because of his penis envy for Roman. I guess Vince will always like big men.

4. Roman lacks Charisma:

Roman can not cut good promo's and can not sell the pay per view. Pinning Roman as number one face ratings were lost to Smackdown Live. Maybe they will finally give up on the Roman Reigns project and let him relentlously attack someone so he can be a heel for once. and start building Sami Zayn if Seth is out for awhile.

5. Roman's poor attitude.

His lack of respect towards his role. He doesn't not connect with the fans. When you connect you have a personal connection with them. This puts them in that role. I could picture a faction of a Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, and someone else. I know a Roman turn will come and people will like it.

There are many ways to book him. They have a minor league system that they can bring up a face at any time and build them. They are working with talent everyday. This is what made the Power Plant in the WCW good. I know they tell them what they are looking for, but Triple H knows what to build and how to build. He knows the game He was number one face and number one heel. He brought interest to Daniel Bryan during his run. He was a very good at what he does.

Footage courtesy from the WWE

Basically there are nuggets in reasons why I don't like Roman and why he would make a better heel. I hope Roman Reigns and WWE take note of this. Why lie and tell a story that isn't there. Tell the story that should be there and the one that needs to be told.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Six are Picked in the Elimination Chamber

With WrestleMania approaching the road block is the Elimination Chamber for John Cena. However, will it be a foot note and will he feud with someone else by Elimination Chamber time. With the belt he is guaranteed a match with Randy Orton and the looming Wyatts. However, there are 5 others in the Elimination Chamber match.

  1. The Miz
  2. Bray Wyatt
  3. Baron Corbin
  4. Dean Ambrose
  5. AJ Styles
Here is the Rundown of scenarios and commentary on the Matches. First John Cena

1. John Cena: John Cena has been there before many times and they would like a big time match to Headline WrestleMania and John Cena vs. Randy Orton would have an old feel to it and it is as if Vince McMahon is resorting to the past for a Main Event Match. Both stars have been there before and it wouldn't be the first time they would have two big names face each other.

Pros: Both guys are the Veterans and Randy Orton is having one hell of a run with the Wyatts and the storyline is interesting. Randy has improved on his acting role and he plays it well. His acting career has only improved him in plotlines and he could sell the Main Event. He has improved since the Golden Boy that was in The Authority. And he has become a champ that people would want and he could blend in with the New Era in WWE. John Cena is accomplished and would be there for name sake.

Cons: This gives no faith to the new talent coming in. I don't know if Vince would be holding onto the past and giving it to people he trusts, but John Cena doesn't have the same appeal as he would 5 years ago. He was a star that received the Hulk Hogan push. They designed his character. When he was on Smackdown years ago he was himself and he grew and then they made him what they wanted him to be and he had the polarized chants. Because at the time undeniably their was an AJ Styles. John Cena still has a run left, but unfortunately he is in a position that he can't full fledged go heel. This New Era can be an era where more then one guy could run with the ball then one and they might start to accept that.

2.The Miz: The Miz has done well for himself and got himself in Main Event contention and he does deserve to be in main event picture based on the work he has done in and out of ring.

Pros: The Miz vs. Randy Orton: The Miz would return to center stage and be in the Main Event of WrestleMania. It would be a Main Event you wouldn't think of. This would be a battle for who would be the Number one heel in the company.

Cons: However, it looks like Randy is entering the Rumble as face based on the pop he got after eliminating Roman Reigns. Anyone could have eliminated him and it would have looked good. Anyway the reaction that Roman got was when he beat Sheamus, but I am sidetracked. Enough on him. I will discuss more on Roman Reigns tomorrow. It would not have that Main Event feel and The Miz hasn't had the belt long enough to make it a big feel.

3. Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton:

Pros: They have been working this storyline for awhile. There is more build to this plotline and it is logically a Main Event that would make sense. It would give Bray Wyatt the Main Event feel. He has been there against John Cena and he has been there against the Undertaker and even featured a segment against the Rock. They have been building this storyline for awhile and it is time to give the belt to Bray to see what he does with his run, but he and his family have not had the opportunity to shine as much as now and it would pin friend vs. friend. Both Orton and Bray have a lot in common their Dad had once fought in the NWA and WWF. Bray's Dad had a great career despite him being not even mentioned. He belongs in the Hall of Fame with what he has done. Both have unique styles which would make the system work.

Cons: Could Bray handle a Main Event scene is he ready for it.

4. Baron Corbin vs. Randy Orton:

Pros: A new match never been done.

Cons: No storyline, wouldn't make sense plotline, Baron is not ready yet. Baron had only one major feud this year. He is not ready.

5. Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton:

Pros: Dean is the only Shield member to never to Main Event. And he deserved it one year, but never got it. It all depends on who they are pinning him up against in a WrestleMania Match. Also it makes sense plotline wise. Both have had the belt, but Dean never had that WrestleMania moment and deserves it.

6. AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton:

Pros: It would be a star studded match. Both never had a feud and it would add a feel for the Club vs. the Wyatts. Don't think AJ would love to face Randy Orton the Vipor.

Cons: Nothing bad, wouldn't mind seeing the match.

Here are different scenarios and one person will face Randy Orton still a lot of matches are up in the air. With WrestleMania approaching in less then 60 days and two Pay Per Views left between the shows. They are in Play off time. Each wrestler is fighting for their slot on in WrestleMania. Either they Main Event WrestleMania or they sideline it. And they are going to make it best they can. So far WWE Smackdown Live looks like the better of the two shows.