Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Run Down with the My Surprise Picks and My Picks to Win for the Royal Rumble Match

With the Royal Rumble coming up in San Antonio it means WrestleMania Season is upon us. The Royal Rumble has been my favorite match all year and it has that feel to it and with it being the 30th year they are pulling no stops.

Here is what we know.

The Undertaker
Brock Lesner
Big Show
Randy Orton
Dean Ambrose
Chris Jericho
Bray Wyatt
Big Cass and Enzo
All of New Day
Luke Harper
Mojo Rawley
The Miz
Sheamus and Cesaro
Anderson and Gallows
Dolph Ziglar
The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin
Braun Strowman
and Sami Zayn

Which leaves room for about 4 more superstars who will enter the Royal Rumble, which means possible surprises NXT call ups former legends you name it there is always a surprise with the Rumble

First let me get to My 3 picks from NXT that I say will be in the Royal Rumble.

1. Samoa Joe: I feel Samoa Joe is ready and has been ready and now his run from NXT is coming to an end and someone like him is ready for a run he should have had many years ago.  He is a  Big Guy and added to this Royal Rumble he would be a good name to make an impact as he would this time.

2. Shinsake Nakamura or Booby Roode: I feel one of these wrestlers would get the call up atleast to make an appearance to be on the main Roster for WrestleMania. Both athletes are proven to be on the main roster and they would be ready to make an impact the coming year.

3. Finn Balor: If he is back and healthy. He would be ready to make an impact and would do what is necessary to make that impact in what would be his first Royal Rumble match.

4. Kane: Kane has a proven track record with the number of eliminations and he can only add to his record this Rumble.

5.  Kenny Omega: Who unseated AJ Styles as leader of the Bullet Club. And he said he is ready to win if they pick him to be in it.

With last minute changes and surprises a lot could happen and could impact the Rumble. The Prize at stake is going to be The Universal Championship or The WWE Championship should they decide where to go. It will be interesting and the surprises should there be many will be unexpected.

My choices to with the Favorite and the Sleeper pick

My choice or favorite to win the Royal Rumble is The Undertaker I feel if they are setting up the winner of a John Cena or AJ Styles match it will happen just the mere possibilities going into WrestleMania.

My Sleeper Pick is Sami Zayn: Sami Zayn is the Underdog and he would benefit a lot from fighting at the Main Event of WrestleMania. He is ready for a Hot Streak and rather it is Owens should he win Sunday or AJ Styles or John Cena it will be a Good Match. Sami Zayn takes the place of someone like a Daniel Bryan who was that underdog and they need and Underdog right now.

There are many possibilities going into WrestleMania these are just a few. Next week after Raw and Smackdown I will talk about the possibilities of Matches going into WrestleMania and try to have a possible Drafted card going into the biggest spectacular of them all.

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