Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Joe's Gonna Kill Seth

In TNA there was a saying, Joe's Gonna Kill You. Monday Night, it was Joe's Gonna Kill Seth Rollins. If it was someone to make an Impact the way he did making his way to the main roster it was Samoa Joe.

What do we know about Samoa Joe? In his TNA days he had epic feuds with Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, and AJ Styles. He was the guy that Kurt Angle went up against when he went in TNA. He was a member of The Main Event Mafia an elite group with Kevin Nash, Booker T, Sting, and Kurt Angle. He has been in the major plotlines especially against the Aces and Eights before they all bailed.

Then Samoa Joe came to NXT where he had epic rivalries with Finn Balor and Shinsake Nakamura. Samoa Joe has had a great career and the same argument could be said with him and AJ Styles. Why was he not on WWE when he should have been there.

Well to give you a history lesson TNA was red hot in a period of time and it fell apart after Jeff Jarrett and shortly after Hogan. I remember I watched TNA before I was happy to see it on TV and the stars that I cared about in a new promotion. So I paid every time it was on Pay Per View. I didn't care I wanted another option besides WWE at the time. To me TNA had the better product in that era. Until they got tied down and many people had issues with one another. TNA is around with their main star Broken Matt Hardy which came out of no where.

Samoa Joe then made his appearances known and WWE kept his appearance on the main roster a surprise. And he jumped Seth Rollins. If it's any way to make an impact have Samoa go over the biggest Baby Face in the company right now. And Samoa Joe has his fan following. You know where the Samoa Joe fans were as the AJ Styles.

Now we have an interesting dynamic in the WWE, the vets are people like AJ and Samoa, but they are new to the WWE and we are about to see what is going to take place in the WWE now that two of the biggest stars of TNA are there and also an added bonus, WWE have Kurt Angle in the company again.

For every mistake and complacency in the WWE, they make up for it. Many thought Samoa would fight John Cena, but they threw everyone off. They pulled off surprises before, but that was a surprise. It is like someone from another federation coming over.

Wrestling has no true surprises any more since the internet and NXT now, but when there is a surprise it is good. It only makes me think Seth is fighting Samoa Joe soon. And Kevin Owens somehow is dropping his belt to Samoa Joe. It is a more interesting match then Kevin Owens and Seth again. The Universal Title picture is becoming interesting.

Let's see if they make Samoa Joe a star or ruin him.

Video clip from WWE Raw last night all credits go to WWE.

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