Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Adventures of The Miz and Maryse: WWE Backstage Meeting.

In this fictitious episodic series for as long as this can go. The Miz, Maryse, Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose, and for some odd reason Brutus Beefcake arrived at the arena and Vince McMahon called a meeting of the talent before the show.

Vince McMahon look around the room and spoke: We are going to have a good show tonight just follow the cues. Roman your going to go over on Braun tonight. They are going to hate you, but feed into it. It will be a heel turn down the road and we are building it up. Big Show you are going to be in a Handicap match against Rhyno and Heath Slater and you are going over it will make you look stronger going into your match against Roman next week setting up the feud. Then he saw Brutus.

Turned to Brutus: What are you doing here Brutus? Are you no longer employed in this company. (Vince getting Vince) Shouldn't you be in the stands it's not legends night.

Dean Ambrose: Actually he is with me.

Vince: I write the script not you Dean.

Dean actually it got approved by the GM Kurt Angle.

Vince: Kurt you have explaining to do? Why is Brutus here?

GM Kurt Angle: Well Boss it's a funny story. Brutus was at Hogan's house and he was in The Miz's car, they wound taking him on a road trip and then Dean and The Miz got in drag race, Dean's car broke down around Pittsburgh and they started to drive and they picked me. Funny story.

Vince: But why is Brutus here?

The Miz: Eh Tu Bruti. Eh Tu Bruti.

Finlay: (In an Irish accent.) Isn't that what Caesar said to Brutus before he killed him.

Dean Ambrose: In the Miz's case they were making Caesar salad.

Vince: Hey Brutus why are you here and why is The Miz dressing in drag does he have a fetish. Good idea The Miz that is your newest gimmick you will team with Breezango.

The Miz: But Boss they are to weird for me they will detect areas on me I don't want detected. Only Maryse can do that.

Fandango: This is Funnnndaaannnggoo, Exxxxxaaaaccctttllllyyy MIIIIIIIZZZZZZZ.

The Miz: I feel like The Mountie going to Jail on one of the Pay Per Views in the 90's

Look who is backstage in Ohio it's Jerry Seinfeld. (Camera is rolling)

Jerry Seinfeld: I think this whole scene looks gay. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

The Miz: Are you insinuating that I am gay Jerry.

Jerry: I wasn't insinuating anything.

Wrestlers holding The Miz back and said: Let me tell you something you has been never was comedian you think you can out joke me your jokes weren't good then and they aren't good now. And I'll tell you what I think and I'll tell you what jokes are funny.

Jerry: It looks like you are getting agitated I guess you are gay: Not that there is anything wrong with it.

At this point The Miz goes ape shit and loses it.

Darren Young walks in to calm The Miz down real life person who has dealt with struggles of being a gay professional wrestler and Bob Backlund his coach was with him.

Darren Young: Miz I understand your struggles, I've been through hell I know how you feel buddy. I coped through it with humor it got me through many of times. And I had help through my coach Bob Backlund he has helped me out.

Bob Backlund: We are going to make Darren Young great again.

The Miz: I am not gay.

Seinfeld: Not that there is anything wrong with it.

Bob Backlund: Face your fears Miz. You can do it. It is a brave man to come out and speak what's on your mind. Free yourself.

Maryse: But Miz, is there something you are not telling me.

The Miz: I am not gay Maryse. You have nothing to worry about.

The Miz turns to everyone.: When my hand goes up. Your mouth goes shut. Now you listen to me you no good has been celebrity, old timer, poor excuse of a wrestler and Dean Ambrose. If this is a Rib on me it is not funny. I am not laughing.

Vince: The Miz get control of yourself or you will be off the show. You are leader like it or not and have to work with Breezango. If you don't like it YOURRRRRRRRRREEEEE FIIIIIIIRRRRRREEEEDDD.

Dean Ambrose: How about lets make it a six man tag match I have a tag team that might go against them.

The Miz: Who is that?

Dean: The Golden Truth.

The Miz: Your on Dean. I'll take my team and beat your team.

Episode 4 will be setting up the match of Dean Ambrose and The Golden Truth vs. The Miz and Breezango.

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