Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Adventures of The Miz, Big Show and Goldust: The Table for 3

This is fictious, but some is based on fact. This could be a serious one, but it will build the bond in this one. Enjoy reading.

Vince being Vince paired up The Miz up with Breezango, but The Miz who didn't like his tag team he was paired up with didn't know that Goldust had friction with his team. And little did the know chaos would happen in the match.

Goldust and R Truth had been fighting through the match and then he turned on him and Dean and then The Miz turned on Breezango and sold him down the river Goldust started to help The Miz out. They had a lot in common. Both had portrayed themselves to be stars and they just clicked.

Just as tag teams some have to end and The Golden Truth was no more. It was up there with when the Rockers broke up. Just as things happen.

Goldust had resentment over that part of his character. He was humiliated he had to be the joke much like Big Show. He was talented and The Miz, Goldust, and The Big Show formed a bond and a faction.

They didn't want to be jokes anymore. They didn't want to be laughed at they wanted to be taken seriously. The three had this dialogue in Table for 3 and it sparked a unit as a stable.

Eating Dinner.

Big Show: This is good food what is it?

Goldust: Some kind of beef, I don't know.

The Miz: Why is everyone so down.

Big Show: It is our end of our careers and we are still consider jokes for what we do and we are reminded. We are truly not at our potential.

Goldust: I know how you feel, I nearly lost a relationship with my Dad over my gimmick.

The Miz: (Breaks out of Kay Fabe) That had to have been tough. I know I was played to be this obnoxious character, but I fell off the ladder to and when you get older, newer stars come and it is tougher to stay relevent.

Big Show: Yeah, I have a lot of respect for Dusty. He got me started. He taught me to make anything work and I took a lot from him.

The Miz: Tell us about your character Goldust. What really irks you about it.

Goldust. When I was a fan growing up I watched older wrestling and I heard about the likes of Gorgeous George. He wasn't gay, but he put out an outlandish gimmick and was hated. And then Adrian Adonis, but he was ruined after awhile. These characters were my favorite. They pioneered the sport of wrestling. I wanted to be that character to be racy and as a kid I acted. However, I didn't see the damage that it would do to my family and my relationship with my dad whom I respected. It was only years later that we patched things up. I still miss him. He was one of a kind.

It was only years later I would realize that I didn't have to do the gimmick it just stuck. But as many things I would never break the glass ceiling and become champion based on how I was perceived. The did this with Billy and Chuck, They are doing this with Breezango, They are talented, but they get catogorized and labeled. I was labeled as gay or weird after awhile and this hurts if you want to be champion.

The Miz: I broke the ceiling once.

Goldust: How did you do that?

The Miz: It wasn't easy. I did what I had to do the talent pool wasn't like it was now and they took a chance on a midcarder as they are taking a chance on Jinder now. And I became champ and I had my WrestleMania moment as I beat John Cena. Then a few weeks later I wasn't champion and someone else was and I was midcard it was tough to rise again and break the ceiling. It isn't easy.

Big Show: I came from WCW to WWE and I was inserted in the Main Event picture,but shortly after my role fell and I fell underneath the glass ceiling and was made fun of for what I did. I tried to make people laugh, but they only made fun of me. It is hard being a Giant. Andre went through the same thing, but Andre had the It factor. They wanted me to be like Andre, but I was the Big Show. I tried to poke fun at myself, but I have maybe a run or two left. I know I will be back in the picture but it gets difficult when you are older. Look at Taker.

Goldust: Another great who hung it up.

The Miz: I guess growing old is tough for the wrestler.

Big Show: When they hang it up.

Goldust: When we hang it up.

The Miz: We have to keep fighting on.

Goldust: That is like life.

The Miz: Hey how about lets be a faction, we have a lot in common.

Big Show: We would have to get it past Vince.

Goldust: We would be The Golden Show. Just like on the Cinema in the olden days and it would be the Goldust character that I wanted to be, not what I was.

Big Show: Same here Goldie. Same here.

The Miz: Let's not be down. This is just the beginning of something good.

Big Show: Or terrible, It all depends.

They ended the Table for 3 with some kind of bond and they were going to travel to Chicago where they would feud with Dean Ambrose and whomever.

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