Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Ultimate Warrior is Immortalized Forever

As many know for now, The Ultimate Warrior has past away yesterday and like the many wrestlers who passed on before him. He left a huge legacy behind. I'm not going to discuss his biggest achievement as beating Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania VI and it was, but I'm going to discuss what he said at the Hall of Fame three days before he passed on. It was where he want an award at the Hall of Fame dedicated to a person behind the scenes in WWE that has dedicated their life in making that production.

This is what makes the Ultimate Warrior who he was. On the biggest night of his life he thought about others and he thought about those that are not seen that make the show what it is. People spend a lot of time helping the wrestlers rather it is a mentor such as a former wrestler or a mentor in the person setting up the ring. For them their passion is to be a part of the show and it is their dream come true. They don't have to be seen, but their impact is seen all through their many matches. The Jimmy Merenda award. I might have his name pronounced wrong, but forgive me.

The Ultmate Warrior did a lot for wrestling. Mainly what he did to inspire the fans. I know a few people close to me were Ultimate Warrior fans. They believe in his message. They were routing for him to beat Hulk. And he deserves his place in the Hall of Fame.

I'll miss his youtube videos. He was always telling his fans to do something with their lives and not sit and do nothing. To act if you want to live your dreams. Many of the wrestlers today grew up to idolize The Ultimate Warrior and it's a shame he is gone. But he will live that legacy as a man and he left the power in the hands of the people as at the Final Raw of his life, he left the fans as the storytellers of it all.

Wrestling has changed and they have problems with booking with fans they can't please. This world has changed as The Ultimate Warrior departed. Maybe it wants to change and it needed to find it's soul again as The Ultimate Warrior reminded us one last time. He will be missed.

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